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European Centre
of Lie Detection

The expertise of a polygraph examiner from 2008 to the present.

We employ two cutting-edge technologies - Polygraph and Stimul We utilize two technologies - Polygraph and Stimul. We offer professional services in the field of lie detection through modern polygraphic tests. With our team of experienced experts, you can obtain results that will assist you in making decisions in significant situations.

Test na polygrafu

Home staff testing

Theft prevention, bodyguard services, security, nanny services, and cleaning solutions.

Court Cases

Legal case support. Validation of testimonies through witness and defendant testing.

Do an internal investigations

Our specialists can assist you in uncovering solutions to unanswered questions (inventory issues, theft, bribery, fraud).


Protect corporate and personal data

Preventing theft and safeguarding against misuse (industrial espionage).

Solve family issues

Unlock answers to crucial personal inquiries through the use of polygraphic techniques.


Volodymyr Reznichenko

Since 2008, we have been offering sophisticated lie detection services in the Czech Republic and across Europe. Our clientele includes esteemed commercial enterprises and discerning private individuals.

Vladimir Rezničenko

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